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We created this site because we enjoy creating and sharing those creations. We hope you find something that appeals to you. Kevin is located in New York so you’ll find a lot of photos taken in and around New York City along with those taken on his travels around the States and the Globe. Michele is learning how to use illustration tools like Affinity Designer and shares her work on RedBubble.

The Nuts


Adventurous Traveler

Kevin bought his first digital camera about 30 years ago on a trip to the Caribbean. Aside from the joy of composing the photo to his liking, sharing digital images with friends and family is his reward. Having his iPhone with him at all times introduces more fun into his photography. His early morning walks from Penn Station to his office in lower Manhattan provide many opportunities for picture taking.

Through the versatile process of digital photography, Kevin is able to closely capture his unique perception of the images he observes.

You can find his work on:



Web Developer & Novice Illustrator

Michele has been taking photos since receiving a Kodak Instamatic for her 8th birthday (many decades ago). She purchased one of the first versions of Photoshop and was hooked on the software. She started using Photoshop to “clean up” many of the photos she had taken, wherein, for example, a potted plant seemed to be growing from Grandma’s head and a water tower sprouted in the middle of a great landscape scene. Through sheer need and curiosity Michele has developed her proficiency with Photoshop. Now she is learning to create illustrations.

You can find her work on: